Pre-Departure Orientation:  Going abroad for studying is very different from going abroad for a short vacation. The students have to be prepared mentally and ready to adapt  a new culture, education methodology, food, weather, friend circle etc. We at  Spectra provide the student with guidance about:

  • How to Handle Culture Shock- Many students in the initial stage are shocked by the differences in culture, weather, food, gender equality, education system etc. This often leads to withdrawal symptoms wherein they refuse to socialize or leave the apparent safety of their rooms. The jetlag often accelerates this phenomenon and many times students fail to recover. It’s essential that the student knows the difficulties and are able to reach competent authorities at the university (if required). Spectra provides literature and ways to be better prepared for it.
  • Accommodation and Airport Pickup: We help students arrange for Airport Pickup. This is critical as often student is tense and tired due to long flight, immigration delays and general tension about going to a new place. We also help the students book accommodation either at university or outside with some other students who are already sharing a flat.

Things to Carry– Many students carry things which are irrelevant and just increase the baggage load. We need to understand that certain things which are very useful in your  respective home country would be completely useless there. Ex. Very few medicines are available over the counter, so we need to carry few essentials tablets.